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Alcohol Rehab Tennessee

Integrative Life Center offers customized alcohol rehab in Tennessee, structured by gender, addiction severity, and the patient’s unique clinical and psychological profile. Our facility can handle even the most severe conditions, allowing alcohol victims to manage and overcome their addiction in a supportive and secure setting.

How the alcohol rehabilitation program works

Our Nashville addiction treatment comprises of several specific recovery phases:

  • Clinical detoxification – Overcoming the alcohol withdrawal is critical for managing your addictive behavior and allowing the body and mind to reset and recover. The process usually lasts several days in our facility, with a team of specialists supervising you 24/7. The detox treatment will eliminate any alcohol-related components from your system and reset the addicted brain.
  • Psychotherapy and behavioral therapies – Our Nashville addiction recovery program consists of multiple psychotherapies and behavioral therapies, including DBT, CBT, Motivational Interviewing, EMDR, and many others. Each procedure comes with its specific benefits, including managing emotional traumas, addressing co-occurring disorders, and combating harmful thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.
  • Lifestyle adjustments – How and what you eat will drastically influence the treatment’s success and prevent relapse in the long run. A balanced diet will allow your body and mind to recover and heal from alcohol’s side effects.
  • Relapse prevention guidance and training – The inpatient drug rehab in Nashville, TN, teaches patients everything they need to know about the challenges of long-term sobriety and relapse prevention. Our counselors and health specialists will teach you how to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle moving forward and prevent relapse over the years following rehab.
  • Community involvement – This area includes family support and aftercare services, relying on alumni care, PHP, IOP, and telehealth services. At our facility, you get to meet individuals fighting similar battles and exchange mutual moral and spiritual support. They will help you see life in different colors and serve as guides towards a sober and more fulfilling lifestyle, just as you will serve them. Forming alliances with like-minded folks will help you find common goals and strengthen your determination towards a sober and responsible lifestyle over the years.

How to join an alcohol rehab

If you require addiction treatment for substance use disorders, you need to join our rehab program as soon as possible. Alcohol addiction, as any substance addiction condition, is a progressive and chronic disorder. The adequate treatment relies on multiple procedures and recovery modalities to ensure an optimal outcome and prevent health complications along the way.

Joining our addiction and mental health treatment in Nashville asap will help you avoid alcohol-related health problems that generally come with time. If you’re interested in our alcohol rehab in Tennessee, we recommend contacting our specialized clinicians today.

You can call 615-891-2226 to discuss your insurance coverage, payment options, and rehab services available. Integrative Life Center invites addiction victims into a supportive, secure, and comfortable recovery environment for immediate psychiatric and psychological assistance. We rely on therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, medication-based programs, and holistic healing to identify and address addiction’s causes and prevent alcohol relapse post-rehab.

Alcohol Rehab Tennessee

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Alcohol Rehab Tennessee

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