How Young Adults Are Rising In Their Careers With A New Smile

As an up and coming dance and TV star, Sarah wanted to transform her smile without pausing her career.

Sarah Reasons is like many young adults - eager to make a better future for herself:

“I feel like I have to be really smart about how I move forward in my career. The choices I’m making now will impact my future for years to come.”

That’s why, after years of insecurity over her teeth and bite issues, Sarah is finally getting a smile she loves with QuickSmiles, plus she's doing it without interrupting her career plans.

At the age of 18, and with a full-ride university dance scholarship, Sarah knows that her future is taking off.

It's essential that she look great and feel confident. In recent years, however, her teeth have gradually become worse to the point that it is wearing on her self-confidence.

Sarah shared why:

“I had braces as a teen but my teeth have shifted because I didn’t wear my retainer. I’m also developing some bite issues that I didn’t really have when I was younger. It’s affecting how I look and feel on the stage and in front of the camera.”

The Case For Clear Aligners

So why not braces? Metal braces were not an option for Sarah. The metal would distract the audience during performances, and could cause harm to her mouth if bumped.

She says:

“When it comes to performing, my smile is one of the major factors to my success. At this stage in my career, I can’t risk having metal braces.”

Too Busy For Doctor Checkups

From her earlier years with braces, Sarah knew checkups at a doctors office would be a huge hurdle for her. Even an extra hour every few weeks for travel time and doctor visits was too much for her already busy schedule.

Sarah heard about a new concept to straighten her teeth that still allows her to get checkups with an expert orthodontist. However, instead of going to an office, she does checkups from wherever she is in the world.  All this is done by taking photos on her phone and sending them to the doctor.

The solution that Sarah found is called QuickSmiles. They straighten teeth in an average of 6 months, using Invisalign clear aligners, only for far less than the usual cost of Invisalign.

Sarah loves the mobile checkups:

“They are a huge time saver for me. It’s so easy to take a few pictures and move on with my day. Plus, I still have the option to go see the orthodontist at QuickSmiles if anything arises from my smartphone checkup.”

Big Savings

QuickSmiles has the lowest Invisalign prices in the nation.

And they guarantee it.

Traditional braces or clear aligners with Invisalign will usually cost about $5,000 or $6,000. At QuickSmiles, you can get the same Invisalign service for less than half that price.

At first, Sarah wondered if it was too good to be true:

“Expert care... convenient checkups... for half the price, or less... What’s the catch?”

Can Invisalign Fix My Overbite?

She thought her bite issues would be the deal breaker.  However, after her free 3 minute Smile Scan, the orthodontist gave her some great news. “At QuickSmiles, we fix bite issues similar to yours all the time!”

Come to find out, the orthodontists at QuickSmiles are the top Invisalign experts in the industry.

They transformation a wide variety of smiles, from basic crooked teeth and gaps on up to major bite issues like underbites, overbites, cross bites, and even protrusions.

Free Teeth Whitening System

The Teeth Whitening System that comes free with QuickSmiles Invisalign treatment was a pleasant surprise for Sarah.

The QuickSmiles® All-In-One Teeth Whitening System delivers a professional grade, bright smile without the sensitive after effects.

Sarah whitens her teeth whenever she wants now:

“It only takes me 7-10 minutes, and I can do it while reading, doing my hair or makeup”.

A Convenient, Affordable, and Quality Solution

QuickSmiles really was the solution to all of Sarah’s bite and teeth issues.  From straightening her teeth, to fixing her bite and brightening her smile; QuickSmiles was able to handle it all.

“I really couldn’t have asked for more from QuickSmiles.  They were the answer that I have been searching for for years. Now I have the confidence to chase my dreams with the smile I always wanted.”

Want to get a confident, bright smile like Sarah? Schedule a free Smile Scan at your local QuickSmiles to get started today.