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Clear Aligners for Teens: Cost, Benefits, & Picking the Right Ones

Clear aligners can help you correct your teen’s smile with an invisible solution that will promote self-confidence. With clear aligners for teens, you can correct overbites, crooked teeth, and other smile issues. If you are considering clear aligners vs braces for teenagers, Invisalign is the top choice offering the best results.

Since clear aligners can be removed, it is easier for teens to brush their teeth and do other daily tasks. They can also take the aligners out when they are wearing mouthguards to play sports or participating in the school band. Plus, the lack of metal braces can help boost the teen’s self-image and confidence.

Parents also fall in love with the price and convenience of clear aligners compared to metal braces. The clear aligners cost for teenagers is generally much less than traditional braces, and you can straighten your teeth with fewer trips to the orthodontist. If you are trying to decide if clear aligners are right for your teen, there are a few things to consider.

How Much Do Clear Aligners Cost for Teens?

The clear aligners cost for teenagers depends on where you live, the plan that’s right for your child, and which orthodontist you take them to. In some cases, parents also think about using at-home clear aligner solutions for their teens. Though many of these programs aren’t conducted under the care and supervision of a licensed orthodontist.

At QuickSmiles, both of our treatment plans allow you to have a free retainer and a free QuickSmiles teeth whitening kit. Each plan also comes with a free consultation and no down payment to get started. Most major insurances will cover all or part of your teen’s clear aligners treatment.

By getting the Express plan, you can get clear aligners for teens for only $2,450. This works out to about $63 per month on a payment system. Because the Express plan is made for minor alignment issues, it can take as little as six months to fix your teenager’s smile.

For more serious conditions, we use our Premium plan. This option costs $83 a month or $3,450 in total. Since it was made for moderate to severe teeth corrections, it generally takes six months of treatment or more.

Choosing Between Clear Aligners vs Braces for Teens

The decision about getting clear aligners vs braces for teens is a personal choice. For many people, clear aligners are the better option because of their cost, convenience, and comfort. Unless your teen is within the minimal 5% of severe cases who don’t qualify, they will likely be an excellent candidate for clear aligners through QuickSmiles.

Among other advantages of clear aligners for teens, an efficient solution like Invisalign offers a more comfortable, convenient experience. Since they can be removed, your teenager can take off their aligners when they are playing sports or brushing their teeth. In addition, there are no food restrictions with clear aligners.

Clear aligners for teens are a great option because no one can tell if the teen is wearing them, whether they are smiling, talking, or laughing. This can boost the teen’s self-confidence and self-image. Additionally, the teen doesn’t have to make as many trips to the orthodontist when they are wearing clear aligners.

The right clear aligners tend to be much less expensive than getting braces. When comparing clear aligners vs braces for teens, it is important to consider the drawbacks as well. For example, braces are harder to clean, which can lead to more cavities and stained teeth.

Some people like braces because they enjoy choosing the rubber band color they get during each visit. Braces can also be used for a broader selection of orthodontic problems but with more restrictions.

Benefits of Clear Aligners for Teens

Getting clear aligners for teens comes with a number of different benefits that both parents and children love. From low prices to comfort, there are many reasons why these solutions are so popular for correcting smile issues.

Speed Up Your Treatment Time

When you get clear aligners for teens, you can enjoy having a much faster treatment time. Braces generally take about 18 to 24 months. In comparison, clear aligner treatments with Invisalign can take as little as six months to complete.

Enjoy a More Comfortable Experience

Clear aligners don’t have rubber bands or metal brackets, so they are much more comfortable to wear on a daily basis. Unlike traditional braces, you can take them out when you are playing sports or need to clean them and your teeth. Since they are designed to fit smoothly against the teeth, they are also more comfortable for teens to wear on a day-to-day basis.

Save Money

Another reason why parents choose clear aligners is that they generally cost less than braces. When you get metal braces, you can easily pay $3,000 to $7,000 throughout the duration of their treatment. For high-end lingual braces, someone can end up paying $8,000 to $10,000.

QuickSmiles offers clear aligners for much less than the price of braces with the lowest Invisalign prices in the nation. While the Premium plan costs $3,450, the Express plan costs as little as $2,450. In addition, both plans come with freebies like free teeth whitening and free retainers upon treatment completion.

Enjoy Better Self-Esteem

When comparing clear aligners vs braces for teenagers, it is important to consider the visual appeal of clear aligners. Many teenagers feel more confident in clear aligners because no one can see them. Unless the teen tells someone, it is nearly impossible to see the invisible aligners from day-to-day.

Reduce the Number of Office Visits

When you get clear aligners for your teenager, you can spend less time going to the orthodontist. Clear aligners require fewer checkups, so you and your teen can spend more time enjoying your lives and less time getting their teeth fixed.

How to Choose the Right Clear Aligners for Teens

When buying clear aligners, it is important to choose the right ones for your teenager. More importantly, you need to find the right provider that will offer the best solutions. With that in mind, it’s important to understand the difference between reputable clear aligner brands and at-home solutions.

At-home clear aligners are rarely overseen by a licensed orthodontist, making it difficult to ensure the treatment is working correctly. If the at-home solutions are rushed and not done right the first time, they can lead to bigger issues and more money spent in the long run. Unless you want to risk damaging your teen’s smile, you need to get treatment from a licensed orthodontist who can safely monitor the entire treatment process.

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