Gilbert Orthodontist

In Gilbert, orthodontists are one of the most sought medical specialists. They are very similar to dentists but with a different specialization. While dentists generally treat and correct a wide spectrum of oral health conditions and perform surgery from the head to the chest region, an orthodontist specializes in tooth and jaw alignment or realignment, correcting underbites and overbite malformation, occlusion, and the straightness of teeth. All these are within the purview of Orthodontics in Gilbert, AZ.

Can your Dentist fix your braces?

While dentists are trained to treat various dental issues such as filling cavities, gum disease, plaques, gingivitis, damaged teeth, etc., they do not have the qualifications and skills required to fix and install braces. Bear in mind that any dentist that treats your orthodontic issues lacks the extra training and experience and may not give you the desired results. Orthodontics is a very technical dental specialty, so orthodontists must attend additional three training years after graduating from dental school.

A Review of our Orthodontics Treatment Services

Knowing the difference between the two medical professionals is important when looking for an Orthodontist in Gilbert, AZ. An appointment with the best orthodontist just like our specialists is the difference between you and your beautiful, white smile. Not only do they fix, straighten teeth with braces, they also deal with teeth whitening. Here a review of our orthodontists, services, process, price, and what makes us your best choice.

Our Orthodontists

At Quicksmiles, we have assembled the best team of orthodontists. They are technically equipped and certified via membership of the American Association of Orthodontists and Diamond Invisalign Provider. They rely on the top of the line diamond Invisalign® provider in their process, which straightens teeth in record times three faster times. But beyond all these paper qualifications, we’re proud of our works so far. Our professionals have worked with over 2000 patients to correct their dental misalignment in our years of operations. They all leave our facility with proud, beautiful smiles.

Our Services

When you Google search “Orthodontist near me,” you’re sure to find a long search result of Gilbert orthodontics, all of them promising to transform your dental deformity into a beautiful smile overnight. But don’t make empty promises. We offer the following services to bring our promised alive in your mouth.

  • Free Smile Consultation for 30 minutes;
  • Invisalign;
  • Use of 3D tools which gives a preview of what you want;
  • Custom smile plan;
  • Regular checkups, etc.

Our Process

Your comfort is our priority through your period of transformation. Our process complements our services, and it is quite easy to understand and anxiety-free. When you decide to hire us, the first step is to book a consultation with us, which is always free for first-timers for a duration of whooping 30 minutes! We take every minute of this free offer seriously and thoroughly evaluate your compliments so we could recommend the best next step of action. We conduct this session at your home or work, our Smile Clinics, or even via telemedicine. The next step is to deliver our quality clear Aligners to you and finally a follow up every ten weeks.

Our Pricing

Our pricing is convenient compared to industry-standard Billings. What has made this possible is our 3D smile technology, which lets our clients enjoy up to 65% less than traditional braces.

If you need a Gilbert orthodontist, you should book your first appointment with Quick Smiles today to find your treatment cost and save big! (602) 606-7420.

Gilbert Orthodontist