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Heroin Rehab Lancaster

Heroin is a popular addictive substance known to man. This drug is abused at every stage of society. Seeking treatment for heroin addiction is the first step in recovering from this addictive substance. But how do you know what type of treatment or therapy is right for you? 

At New Day Rehab Centers, we are a premier addiction treatment center in Lancaster committed to treating heroin addiction. We provide residential and outpatient programs for a wide variety of heroin addictions. We strongly encourage people addicted to heroin not to wait until they reach rock bottom before seeking help in a medically supervised professional rehab center like ours. 

Signs of Heroin Withdrawal

Individual who is addicted to heroin quickly experience heroin withdrawal symptoms when they stop using this addictive substance. The signs of heroin withdrawal can happen 6 hours after the last dose. New symptoms develop 24 to 48 hours while the intensity starts peaking at about 5 to 7 days.

These withdrawal symptoms include muscle aches, nausea, headache, vomiting, shakes, diarrhea, fever, anxiety, sweating, insomnia, and irritability. All these symptoms make the addict uncomfortable, and along with cravings to use the drug again. An addiction specialist can prescribe medications to minimize these withdrawal symptoms and speed up the recovery process.

Managing Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms 

Heroin withdrawal symptoms are not usually dangerous, but dangerous complications may arise that are life-threatening if not well-managed. For this reason, you should not try heroin withdrawal alone. It’s best to detox and rehab in a medically supervised professional setting like New Day Rehab Centers. Heroin detox shouldn’t prevent an individual from seeking help for their addiction. There are various addiction therapists available today that will dramatically help an addict through their opioid detox.

Therapy and Detox

Relapse is a major concern during and after detox. An addict will still face intense cravings to use heroin even after successfully going through the withdrawal. The best way to manage heroin cravings is to engage in therapy, counseling sessions, and support group.

At New Day Rehab Centers, our staffs are well equipped to help patients manage cravings. During detox, patients will be surrounded by caring staff, encouraging peers and family members. The addict will be immersed in a good atmosphere that motivates them to remain sober. 

Our recovery programs are meant to encourage the person going through the most challenging days of detox, reminding the addict why they are in our rehab center and helping them see the long-term picture of a life free from drug abuse.

New Day Rehab Centers Can Help You Overcome Heroin Addiction

Heroin use and abuse can affect anyone. It has long-lasting effects on the people going through it and their friends and family. New Day Rehab Centers have helped hundreds of individuals suffering from heroin addiction manage their addiction. Our Heroin Rehab Lancaster offers the highest level of care and state-of-the-art amenities to keep patients comfortable and happy. Contact us today for the best addiction treatment and counseling in Lancaster.