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We transform your smile 3x faster than braces with the lowest Invisalign prices in the nation.
Free Smile Consultation

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how it works

Step 1

Get your FREE 30 minute smile consultation and see a 3D scan of your future smile.

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Step 2

Receive your clear smile aligner trays and wear them daily.

how it works
how it works

Step 3

No in person check ins needed! Just take a picture of your smile every 10 weeks and we will call to discuss.

Free Smile Consultation
1. Free Smile Consultation

See Your Smile Transform

Receive your complimentary smile consultation in just 30 minutes! We can provide your free consultation at home or work, or you can visit one of our Smile Clinics. Whichever option you choose, our orthodontist will create a custom smile plan based on a scan of your current smile, and we’ll show you a 3D preview of your future smile.

2. Clear Aligners Delivered to You

Receive Your Custom Smile Plan

We will take X-rays to confirm that your teeth are safe to move, then, using your scan, your orthodontist will create a custom smile plan tailored to your unique needs. From there, we will produce your clear alignment trays and mail them to you, or provide them at our Smile Clinic, depending on your plan. Wear your clear alignment trays at least 22 hours per day for quickest results.

Clear Aligners Delivered to You

Quick And Easy Treatment
3. Quick And Easy Treatment

Convenient Checkups

Rather than taking time away from school or work for checkups, we do them remotely. Every 10 weeks we request photos of your smile – which you will email to us. We review the photos and call you on the phone to discuss – no visit needed. On special cases, a quick visit to our Smile Clinic for adjustments by the orthodontist may be necessary.

The QuickSmiles Difference is Clear

Cost Savings

Thanks to 3D smile technology, our clear alignment service cost up to 65% less than traditional braces.

Time Savings

Our mobile check-ins allow you to send photos of your smile from wherever you are. We’ll review your photos and contact you about your progress.

Guaranteed Quality

Unlike DIY services, we ensure that your teeth are in a position to move by including a complimentary X-ray with your Smile Scan. And we guarantee that your smile will improve as promised because our expert orthodontists oversee every smile transformation. And they should know because they’ve already transformed over 2,000 smiles using the proven Invisalign system.

Receive a free maintenance retainer set upon completion of your Smile Plan ($199 Value).

The Comparison Introducing the Next Generation of Smile Transformation

Only QuickSmiles checks all the boxes.

Metal Braces QuickSmiles
Insurance Eligible check icon black check icon blue
Free Retainers Sometimes check icon blue
Minor to major alignments check icon blue
X-Rays to ensure teeth are safe to move check icon black check icon blue
In-person, local orthodontist visits available check icon black check icon blue
Clear, removable aligners check icon black check icon blue
Cost savings check icon blue
Interactive 3D preview of transformed smile check icon blue
Medical grade aligners, free of BPA and phthalates check icon blue
Mobile check-ins instead of office visits check icon blue
Free teeth whitening check icon blue
Free Smile Scan (No impression kit required) check icon blue

We Guarantee Your Best Smile

Our Guarantee We Guarantee Your Best Smile

We’ve helped thousands of people to transform their smile, and after we complete your free 3D scan and x-rays, we’ll know if can help you, too.

Every Smile Plan we offer includes at least one refinement (a new set of aligner trays), and do our best to achieve your best smile by the end of your Smile Plan. Many people finish sooner but your case may take the full length. Either way, we’re with you to the end of your Smile Plan!

When it comes to aligning teeth, so many factors are out of our control: your oral health, oral growth and development (in teens), and how well you follow the Smile Plan.

Although we cannot affect these and other factors outside our control, we can and do guarantee that we will use our years of experience to create your best smile, based on the Smile Plan you purchase.

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