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Intensive Addiction Treatment Program

Contact Royal Recovery & Treatment Center when searching for an intensive addiction treatment program that will help you overcome addiction. Treatment at RRTC begins with detox to remove all traces of drugs or alcohol from your system and set your feet on the path to recovery. If you have a history of relapse or have tried rehab in the past but failed to complete treatment, an intensive addiction treatment program like ours could help you reach your goals. Call our Porter Ranch rehab center for more information.

What is Intensive Addiction Treatment?

Recovery experts know that there’s no one way to achieve lasting sobriety; since every patient is different, there are multiple programs available to achieve success. Some patients require more structure and support, while others do well in an outpatient setting. At Royal Recovery & Treatment Center, we take a truly customized approach to wellness. Many of our patients need a longer time in recovery and more accountability, which is why we have created an intensive addiction treatment program that requires patients to commit to 24-hour supervision and care. We’re widely regarded as one of the best treatment centers in Porter Ranch for residential care.

Intensive Treatment vs. Standard Addiction Treatment

If you’re online comparing programs and amenities, you’ve most likely come across 30-day rehabs that all seem to offer the same treatment option, more or less. Many of those facilities are called ‘revolving’ door’ rehabs because patients check in, complete their month of treatment, and go right back to their old habits. Unfortunately, 30 days is often not enough time for addicts to learn skills that will prevent a relapse. Intensive addiction treatment at Royal Recovery & Treatment Center keeps patients in treatment for up to 12 weeks- enough time to become educated about addiction, learn new skills, and break the chain of addiction.

A Convenient Rehabilitation Center Near Porter Ranch

As you research and compare alcohol and drug rehabs in Porter Ranch, keep in mind the location of each and the travel distance from your home to each treatment center. Royal Recovery is situated in an exclusive community in Porter Ranch, California, and includes an upscale 2,500 sq ft home equipped with numerous amenities to make recovery more comfortable for our clients. Activities include swimming, journaling, meditation, exercise, and enjoyment of beautiful panoramic views.

Who Benefits From an Intensive Addiction Treatment Program?

Typically clients who have repeated failed attempts at lasting sobriety benefit the most from our intensive program at Royal Recovery & Treatment Center. We are pleased to offer one of the best drug and alcohol rehab programs in Porter Ranch, a treatment option that is unavailable from many other rehabs.

Contact Royall Recovery & Treatment Center to speak with one of our addiction specialists right now and get the help you need to beat your addiction. Our 24-hour hotline number is 800-572-1827; let us know if you heed advice from our counselors or are in need of immediate placement into our program.

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Intensive Addiction Treatment Program

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