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Make the clear choice with Invisalign at QuickSmiles!

Invisalign® is the invisible alternative to metal wires and braces, giving you multiple benefits that make your smile journey a better experience. More people are trusting these popular clear aligners to give them the smile they’ve been searching for. At QuickSmiles, you can count on getting the top Invisalign in Gilbert, AZ!

With board-certified Diamond Plus orthodontists, QuickSmiles ensures you get the highest quality of care and the best results. We offer the lowest Invisalign prices in Gilbert and across the entire nation, making us an affordable alternative to traditional braces.

What Is Invisalign?

Invented over 20 years ago, Invisalign was the pioneer provider of clear aligners providing an invisible solution for straightening teeth. It is faster and more efficient than standard braces while also offering a more cost-effective option. Invisalign patients love the fact that most people don’t even realize they have them in because the aligners are clear and hard to see.

Benefits of Invisalign for Adults in Gilbert

The majority of adults may feel embarrassed if they have to wear metal braces that are noticeable and stand out when they’re smiling, laughing, or talking. They can be uncomfortable and leave you feeling self-conscious about the way you look. But with Gilbert Invisalign solutions, you can experience all the advantages of traditional braces without the negative visual aesthetics:

– Specifically formed to your teeth, Invisalign clear aligners are made to fit your mouth comfortably without the poking and rubbing that comes with metal braces.

– The trays are easily removed to make eating, teeth brushing, and flossing much simpler.

– Traditional braces can cause sores and scrapes in your mouth as they rub against your gums, while Invisalign is barely noticeable when wearing them.

– You won’t have to worry about constantly visiting your orthodontist with Invisalign at QuickSmiles thanks to our virtual checkup process.

Is Invisalign Safe for Children & Teens in Gilbert?

While every child is different, Invisalign in Gilbert can be a safe and effective choice for kids with crooked teeth. Traditional braces normally take more than a year to fix various issues like overbites, misalignments, and crowding. But with Invisalign for kids, you can see treatment times reduced to as low as 6 to 12 months.

You’ll want to get a consultation with a certified Gilbert Invisalign orthodontist before deciding whether clear aligners are the right choice for your child. With QuickSmiles, you can get a FREE Smile Scan to find out the exact process we’ll use and determine if your kids qualify for treatment with Invisalign.

How Does Invisalign Work?

After getting your FREE x-rays and discussing the options with an Invisalign provider in Gilbert, you’ll get a treatment plan focused on your precise needs. Using 3D scan technology, we’re able to create a digital representation of your smile journey to show exactly what you can expect.

Your first set of Invisalign clear aligner trays will be created after your initial visit and soon after be available for pickup at your nearest QuickSmiles location in Gilbert.

At the follow-up appointment, you’ll try on your new trays to ensure they fit properly before taking them home. The Invisalign clear aligners will typically be cycled every one to two weeks.

Instead of coming back to a QuickSmiles office for every checkup, we offer a virtual process that allows you to simply send us photos of your smile. One of our expert orthodontists will review the images throughout the process to ensure no changes are needed during the treatment.

On the rare occasion that adjustments are required, we’ll schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. We do everything we can to make sure you enjoy the best Invisalign services in Gilbert.

What’s the Average Cost of Invisalign in Gilbert?

With the lowest Invisalign prices in Gilbert and across the nation, QuickSmiles offer affordable rates that are budget-friendly. Most service providers charge upwards of $5,000 to $6,000 for traditional braces, but we charge only a fraction of these costs for Invisalign in Gilbert.

About Our Invisalign Provider in Gilbert, Arizona

If you’re on the hunt for the top Gilbert Invisalign provider, look no further than the professional services here at QuickSmiles. Our location is conveniently found right next to Harkins Theatres at the SanTan Village shopping mall.

When you count on QuickSmiles for your care, you can trust that we’ll provide you with the most efficient Invisalign services in Gilbert. Get the lowest Invisalign prices in the nation paired with the top-rated orthodontists in the city.

Set up your FREE Smile Scan today by scheduling your appointment online or by calling our office at (480) 757-0000! We even offer a free QuickSmiles® At-Home Teeth Whitening System after your first appointment!

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