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Get the perfect smile you’ve been waiting for!

While metal braces have been relied upon for many years, Invisalign® is the new option people are turning to for their new smile. This solution removes the need for metal brackets and wires, replacing them with a nearly invisible alternative. If you’re searching for the top provider near you, count on QuickSmiles for the best Invisalign in Queen Creek, AZ!

When you team up with QuickSmiles, you’ll be treated by a Diamond-certified orthodontist who has been transforming smiles using Invisalign for more than 10 years. This means you’ll get the confident smile you’ll love with the convenient and affordable Invisalign experience only QuickSmiles offers!

What Is Invisalign?

Clear aligners by Invisalign are the best substitute for traditional metal braces. You won’t have to worry about the discomfort that comes with having metal in your mouth. Since every Invisalign tray is made specifically for your mouth, they fit snugly and provide a clear, smooth look that people won’t even notice is there.

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign for Adults in Queen Creek?

Traditional metal braces for adults can feel embarrassing, making it difficult to smile, talk, or eat without feeling self-conscious. But when you trust the most popular Queen Creek Invisalign provider, you can enjoy the many advantages of this clear solution compared to the former options. These are only a few of the benefits you can expect from working on your new smile with QuickSmiles:

– Easily removable Invisalign trays make it simple to brush your teeth and to clean the clear aligners, preventing cavities and gum disease.

– Invisalign is more comfortable than metal braces because each pair is designed specifically to your teeth for optimal fit.

– Because there are no metal brackets or sharp wires with Invisalign, you won’t have to worry about getting sores in your mouth or irritating your cheeks.

– Since you don’t have to get Invisalign tightened like braces, you can limit the number of times you end up having to go to the QuickSmiles orthodontist.

Is Invisalign Okay for Younger Children & Teens in Queen Creek?

Most kids who get metal braces have to wear them for years at a time. But because Invisalign also works for kids, they can enjoy the faster solution that comes with clear aligners instead. Invisalign trays drastically reduce the treatment time for your children to get the smile they want.

Whether you have a teenager or a younger child interested in Invisalign, you’ll want to set up a free consultation at QuickSmiles. It is important that kids wear their Invisalign trays for at least 22 hours per day to see results. As a trusted Invisalign provider for kids in Queen Creek, we’ll determine if clear aligners are a good option for your child or if they need to wait a bit longer.

How Does Invisalign Work?

The first steps to getting Invisalign are similar to the process for traditional braces with FREE x-rays and an orthodontist consultation. But at QuickSmiles, we take this one step further with a 3D scan of your teeth that allows us to digitally create your smile journey. We’ll confirm it is safe to move your teeth and if any other steps are needed before getting started.

Once the initial process is complete, your Queen Creek Invisalign provider will set you up with your treatment plan. This includes the creation of your clear aligner trays, which you can easily pick up from your nearest office. You’ll receive all of your clear aligners at this follow-up appointment and review additional specifics with your Invisalign specialist.

Based on the ideal plan for your teeth, most people switch to their next set of trays once per week or every other week.

Using Queen Creek Invisalign services at QuickSmiles, you’ll enjoy the most efficient and time-friendly process in the industry. We’ve even removed the need for you to consistently come back to the office thanks to our virtual checkup process. Simply send us a picture of your smile every 10 weeks from your mobile phone and only come in on rare occasions as needed.

If changes are needed based on your virtual checkup, additional scans can be done in the office to have new aligners made to fit properly. This is one of the few reasons you would need to come in for an in-person appointment.

The average treatment plan lasts anywhere from three to fifteen months depending on how crooked your teeth are at the beginning.

What’s the Average Cost of Invisalign in Queen Creek?

Here at QuickSmiles, we’re dedicated to providing you with the lowest Invisalign prices in Queen Creek. While most Invisalign providers charge between $5,000-$6,000, our treatments are only about half that much. We’ll even match the lowest advertised price by other providers.

About Our Invisalign Provider in Queen Creek, Arizona

If you live in Queen Creek, AZ, you have quick and easy access to a QuickSmiles location near you. We’re located next to Harkins Theatres at SanTan Village mall only a few miles away.

We’re the top provider of Invisalign in Queen Creek and across the entire Valley. Our solutions guarantee the lowest Invisalign® prices in the nation with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Book a free 3D Smile Scan today and see how Invisalign can help you! Every new patient will also get our QuickSmiles® At-Home Teeth Whitening System for FREE!

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