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Screen Addiction

Addiction is not a factor of consideration when developers create phone apps and games. They thrive on your supposed addiction to keep you glued on the screen. We do not say this to mean that you are at the mercy of your phone or desktop, but most of us are vulnerable to addictive apps and can stay glued on the chair for hours trying to achieve some digital goal or keep up with the news. Recent research states that screen addiction is detrimental to your health and emotions and could easily contribute to an attention deficit disorder.

A psychology professor established a strong connection between ADHD and ADD in children and addiction to cell phones for fast-paced entertainment that interferes with normal brain development.

Screen addiction treatment is available; hence, you do not have to suffer isolation and long-term consequences. Our computer addiction treatment programs use evidence-based techniques to integrate cutting-edge solutions.

What you need to know about our screen addiction treatment


The first step of treatment is establishing recognition and accountability of the problem. Research has allowed us to establish a standardized diagnosis for different screen addictions. Some of these include:

  • Constant preoccupation with the Internet
  • A solid need to use the Internet to meet your satisfaction
  • Unsuccessful efforts to reduce your Internet use
  • A restless or moody Internet addiction habit
  • Staying online for much longer than you anticipated

The signs of screen addiction are more apparent when they seep into your life and jeopardize your relationship, education, and career. You may end up lying to family and therapists about your state in an attempt to cover your guilt and shortcomings, as you secretly feed into the habit of using the Internet as an escape.

Internet addiction treatment

Some people believe an Internet addiction is not absolute and suggest that you take time for the problem to resolve itself. We think otherwise because studies show that you need corrective behaviors and patterns to get your brain back to its healthy state. Others argue that you need medication because it is also likely you are suffering from anxiety and depression.

We think that you need treatment to match your exact physical and mental complications. Omega Recovery uses tech addiction treatment programs that produce the same exciting effect as using a screen but contribute to better overall health. Some these include:

  • Physical exercise and nature immersion to encourage serotonin production
  • Peer therapy so you have support from same-minded people
  • Recreation therapy to engage your brain patterns in a healthy way
  • Cognitive therapy to retrain your brain

We use a multi-model phone addiction treatment to rewire your addiction to the Internet. Many researchers are sure that using more than one treatment makes it easy for your brain to shift to a heathier state and remove the layer of confusion that clouds the mind when deep in Internet addiction. The outstanding team at our recovery center knows all the combinations that will help you avoid technology overuse, and most importantly, to help build your cognitive thoughts for optimal productivity at work and in life. Get help for yourself, a loved one, or an employee, and complete the online insurance verification process to begin treatment.