A Guide to Dating with Invisalign

Dating can be stressful. I’m sweating just thinking about it. On top of trying not to be awkward, now you’ve got to worry about your Invisalign. “Will there be a bathroom nearby to take them off?” “Will they notice the clear aligners?” “Will I talk funny with them on?” We know that you might have many questions racing through your mind before your first date with your Invisalign clear aligners. First off, going on a date with Invisalign won’t be as bad as you think, and we have a simple guide to help you feel more at ease about the whole thing. Here are seven rules of thumb for going on dates while wearing Invisalign.

1. Embrace Your Invisalign

When your Invisalign treatment is over, you’re going to have a show-stopping smile that will be more than worth it, so embrace the process that gets you there. Smile big, talk often and don’t hold back from enjoying your date.

One of the most appealing aspects of Invisalign is that they are clear, so your date might not even notice you have them on. If they do notice, so what? Usually, only a trained professional such as a dentist or orthodontist, or those who have worn Invisalign themselves, will spot your aligners.
If they do notice, it might be a good conversation starter. Anyone worth dating will see your Invisalign as an indication that you invest in yourself and will soon have incredible teeth.

2. Remove Them Before Eating

It is a requirement to take your Invisalign out before eating. Don’t let your nerves cause you to forget because eating with them in certainly won’t go well. We recommend going to the bathroom to take them out if food is involved. If possible, bring your case with you to the bathroom, clean your aligners and then put them in your case for safe and sanitary keeping. If there’s no bathroom around, then come up with a system ahead of time for discrete removal. Make sure to put them in their case, so they don’t get lost or broken. If you’re going out for drinks and don’t want to take them off, then stick with water. Water won’t ruin your aligners.

3. Put Them Back in After Eating

We know you already went to the bathroom once to take them off, but you’ve got to go back in there to put them back on after eating, and this time bring a toothbrush. We know it will be tempting to leave them off the rest of the night, but you must wear your aligners 22 hours per day for them to work effectively. Failing to wear them enough will either interfere with treatment or add time to the duration of your treatment.

After eating, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth and put your clean aligners back on. Brushing after every meal is highly recommended with Invisalign to keep your teeth and aligners clean while also avoiding cavities and tooth decay. It may seem like a pain but keep your eye on the prize because your smile will be worth the hassle.

4. Be Careful with Drinks

Many drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, will stain your aligners, and once stained, people will be able to tell you to have them on your teeth. Certain beverages might even ruin your aligners, so we recommend taking them off if you’re going to drink anything besides plain water. Don’t take the risk of ruining your expensive aligners. If you drink alcohol or any other potent beverage, be sure to rinse the residue from your mouth or brush your teeth before putting them back on your teeth. The upside to Invisalign is that you don’t have to stay away from any foods or drinks. You just have to take them off!

5. Keep Them Clean

We know you may feel rushed when removing your Invisalign on a date or putting them back in, but cleanliness is critical when it comes to your aligners. Failure to clean your aligners can cause bad breath, just what you want on a date, right? So, don’t forget to rinse them when you take them off to avoid bacteria build-up and brush your teeth after eating to keep food from collecting on the surface. Don’t fall into a lazy pattern of not cleaning your aligners. Clean them every single time you take them off.

6. Don’t Be Self-Conscious About Your Speech

While it’s true that Invisalign can cause a slight lisp during the first couple of weeks after you get them, it’s usually not very noticeable. There's no reason to cancel your date or avoid talking. With practice and time, you will learn to speak normally without even thinking about it. There is something new in your mouth and your tongue and lips might take some time to get used to forming words with it in. You will notice a difference in your speech more than anyone else. Others might not notice at all. We are our own worst critics. Try not to be hard on yourself. Just talk as you always do and you’ll get used to having aligners in your mouth. Time and patience are the keys.

7. Exude Confidence

Confidence is vital when it comes to dating. Don’t let your Invisalign hold you back. Flash your radiant smile, show off your winning personality and know that you are a catch. It’s understandable to be worried about your Invisalign, but in reality, that is such a small aspect of your date. It doesn’t have to be an issue at all. Be confident in your decision to have that beautiful smile you desire. If you’re confident with your Invisalign on then you’ll be unstoppable once you get them off.

Dating can be challenging, nerve-racking and awkward. But, it can also be fun, magical and memorable. Embrace your Invisalign, remember the proper steps to take to care for them and enjoy your date confidently.


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