Famous Faces with Invisible Braces

We are lucky to live during a time with so many advances in technology. The technology of clear aligners is impressive in so many ways. Invisalign is very popular among adults and teens alike because of how convenient it is, and how compatible the aligners are with daily life. It's a fantastic way to straighten your teeth without dealing with metal braces.

Many individuals desperately want a dazzling Hollywood smile. Wearing clear aligners may be more popular among the stars than you think. Did you know that many celebrities have turned to Invisalign for their desired smile? And many of them wore Invisalign as an adult. Keep reading to find out if your favorite star has opted for Invisalign.

Eva Longoria

If you've watched early episodes of Desperate Housewives, then you may have noticed Eva Longoria had some overlapping on her bottom teeth. It wasn't until a later season of the show that she opted for Invisalign to straighten her bottom teeth and give her an even more stunning smile. Eva Longoria is unstoppable and more confident than ever since getting her teeth straightened in 2011.

Khloe Kardashian

The Keeping up with the Kardashians star decided in adulthood that she wanted to straighten her teeth discreetly. Invisalign played a significant role in her transformation. Along with losing 30 pounds and sporting a new hairdo and a new wardrobe, Khloe achieved her ideal look complete with a perfect smile.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall followed her big sister Khloe and decided to get Invisalign to perfect her model smile. After all, it's part of the job to have a stunning smile. Lucky for Kendall, she was able to remove them for photoshoots and significant events.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber wore Invisalign loud and proud as a teen to correct dental crowding and achieve a straight smile. He loved them so much that he created YouTube videos to talk about his experience wearing them. He even took them off and showed his viewers what they looked like.

Katherine Heigl

The Grey's Anatomy and 27 Dresses star used Invisalign to perfect her look for her wedding day. She had misaligned teeth, but Invisalign did the trick and gave her perfectly straight teeth for her big day. She loved her experience with Invisalign so much that she said, "It's like Netflix for your teeth." We agree, Katherine, we agree.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise used Invisalign and ceramic braces to straighten his front teeth. While getting his children orthodontic work, he realized that he could use some aligners. Once his teeth were straight, he got dental veneers to perfect the look.

Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen is one of the top paid models in the U.S. and the wife of the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady. With a famous husband, she is always in the spotlight and wants to look her best. Invisalign helped her do that. When her teeth began to shift, she used Invisalign to get them back into place to keep her stunning smile intact.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams didn't skip a beat in her tennis career when she decided to straighten her teeth with Invisalign. That's because they are so convenient. She got Invisalign as a teenager and now has one of the best smiles. She loves sporting her pearly whites after a winning tournament.

Zac Efron

The High School Musical star hasn't always had a perfect smile. You may remember the gap in between his two front teeth, which Efron says was the pinnacle of many jokes as an adolescent. Invisalign corrected his smile alignment and made him even more irresistible to women everywhere.

Oprah Winfrey

Fans spotted Oprah Winfrey wearing Invisalign clear aligners during her talk show. She hasn't been open about it, but we can sure tell she has a beautiful smile. Could it be because of Invisalign? It sure is a possibility.


Before hitting a wave of ultimate fame, Zendaya was a young model and backup dancer. In her teen years, she wore Invisalign to achieve the perfectly aligned pearly whites she sports on magazine covers. She truly is the whole package now.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry had always wanted to straighten her teeth but was reluctant to commit to braces. Enter Invisalign. The famous singer wore Invisalign, and it was the best of both worlds with the absolute best results. Nothing is in her way now.

Anna Kendrick

Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick has been open about using Invisalign to straighten her teeth, and why wouldn't she be honest about it? Her smile is stunning.

If you look at the smiles of these celebrities, the results of Invisalign speak for themselves. You know they're good if these celebrities who can afford almost anything in the world choose them to enhance their smiles. Many of these celebrities chose Invisalign due to discretion. Invisalign is clear, removable, and custom-tailored for each person. It can be removed to shoot a movie scene or take some snaps for a magazine cover. Clear aligners are a lot easier to hide than braces.

The great news for you and I is that Invisalign isn't reserved for celebrities. They are available to anyone and everyone who wants to correct their teeth and achieve a show-stopping smile. It's truly never too late to enhance your smile, boost your confidence and invest in yourself. At Quick Smiles, we specialize in Invisalign clear aligners. If you're in the Gilbert area, give us a call for a free Invisalign consultation. We would love to help you get started with one of the best gifts you'll ever give yourself - a winning smile.


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