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Whether you have an overbite or excessive crowding, Invisalign treatment at QuickSmiles can make your smile beautiful. You can check out Invisalign before and after photos to see examples of each condition. Then, you can get an idea of what your smile can look like after your treatment is complete.

Unlike braces and similar teeth straightening methods, Invisalign aligners are completely invisible. It also generally takes less time to fix your teeth with Invisalign than it does with other methods. Additionally, these aligners can be easily removed for playing sports or brushing your teeth.

From a more comfortable fit to a better price, there are many reasons why people use Invisalign with QuickSmiles to straighten their teeth. By checking out the latest Invisalign before and after examples, you can get a better idea about what to expect from your personal experience.

Gap Teeth

Sometimes, your teeth end up with a larger gap than normal. This often happens when there is too much space for your adult teeth. When you suffer from a gap between your teeth, you are more likely to end up with gum disease because food can easily get stuck in the extra space.

When you look at the Invisalign before and after gap teeth image, you can see the remarkable difference clear aligners can make in just a short amount of time. Invisalign is known for being especially good at fixing gaps between teeth. In some cases, it takes just a few months to repair a tooth gap.

Invisalign works to move all of your teeth together to remove any gaps and keep them all aligned. Before long, you can enjoy having a beautiful, healthy smile.


Another reason why people check out Invisalign before and after images is to see the impact it can have on overbites. If you’ve spent a lot of time at the dentist or orthodontist, you have likely heard about underbites and overbites before. Without proper treatment, these issues can lead to major problems.

An overbite is when the front teeth on the top of your mouth extend past the front teeth on the bottom of your mouth. Most of the people you see in Invisalign before and after pictures have at least a minor overbite. Even if patients primarily need help with overcrowding or a tooth gap, they most likely have a minor overbite in need of help as well.

If this overbite isn’t fixed, it can lead to significant jaw pain over time. It can also cause your teeth to wear down prematurely. Fortunately, Invisalign can help you fix these issues.

One technique is to use elastics with Invisalign aligners. Over time, these elastics help to shift the top teeth backward and the bottom teeth forward.


Invisalign before and after underbite photos are great to consider if you happen to suffer from an underbite. In essence, this kind of dental issue is the opposite of an overbite. Instead of the top teeth extending too far past the bottom teeth, the lower jaw comes too far forward.

When you suffer from an underbite, it can lead to a range of different problems. In addition to having issues talking, it can also lead to chewing problems. Over time, an underbite can wear down certain teeth at a faster than normal rate.

As you can see in the before and after Invisalign images, clear aligners are extremely effective at correcting an underbite. Depending on how bad your underbite is, you may need a few extra steps to complete the process. It can take anywhere between 3 to 12 months to fix an underbite.


Some of the most impressive before and after Invisalign results are for crowded teeth. You can see the impact these aligners have in these photos.

Crowding happens when there isn’t enough space in your jaw for all of your teeth to fit. When this occurs, your teeth end up squishing together and overlapping. Some of your teeth end up in front or behind other teeth.

Unfortunately, this issue can make it hard to properly clean your teeth because they are facing different directions.

When you can’t brush your teeth properly, it leads to plaque buildup over time. Before long, you will end up with cavities and other dental problems. Through the help of Invisalign, you can prevent these issues from happening.

With each new set of aligners, Invisalign will move your teeth a bit closer to where they should be. This process helps to move around teeth until you have the straight, beautiful smile you always wanted.


When you look at crossbite before and after photos, you can see the quick impact Invisalign has on this dental problem. A crossbite occurs when you have overbite and underbite issues. Your top and bottom teeth don’t line up the way they are supposed to.

This means some of your top teeth are in front of your bottom teeth, and some of your top teeth are behind your bottom teeth. Over time, this situation can lead to gum disease and receding gums. In addition, your teeth are more likely to get worn down or chipped.

The experts at QuickSmiles know how to use Invisalign to correct crossbites. You can see the impressive impact these aligners have on someone’s smile. While some crossbites require a few extra steps and procedures, your orthodontist can help you figure out the best course of treatment.

Open Bite

When you check out some of the Invisalign before and after worst cases, you will probably notice a few examples of open bites. Unfortunately, open bites are a fairly common issue, but they can be fixed through the right treatment program.

If you suffer from an open bite, then your front and bottom teeth aren’t fitting together properly. Normally, your incisors (the teeth at the front of your mouth) should overlap when your mouth is closed. When your front and bottom incisors have a gap between them, you have a condition known as an open bite.

An open bite is unhealthy because it makes it harder to eat foods like apples and peaches. While your front teeth are less likely to wear down with an open bite, you can end up having problems with your molars.

As you can see in Invisalign before and after photos, open bites are another condition clear aligners can successfully treat. With the help of a trained orthodontist, you can fix your open bite and enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile.

Crooked Teeth

Do you have minorly crooked teeth or majorly crooked teeth? If so, the experts at QuickSmiles can use Invisalign to straighten your teeth, and give you the smile you’ll love.

Minorly Crooked Teeth

Some people have minorly crooked teeth without any other major problems. For example, you might not deal with overlapping teeth, overbites, or major gaps. In these cases, you may only need treatment for minorly crooked teeth.

The basic plan is to shift the teeth in your mouth to straighten the minor misalignments. In many cases, this process only takes a few months to complete.

With the express Invisalign option, you can essentially cut your treatment time in half. Instead of attaching uncomfortable brackets and braces to your mouth, you can quickly straighten your teeth and get the smile you deserve.

Majorly Crooked Teeth

As the name suggests, majorly crooked teeth require more time and effort. You may have slight gaps between your teeth, or some of your teeth may be partially in front of other teeth. Fortunately, these issues are still treatable with clear aligners.

Invisalign was designed for fixing crooked teeth, so these aligners are a great solution to moderate issues. When you check out the Invisalign before and after pictures, you can see the impressive impact clear aligners have on majorly crooked teeth. With 6 to 18 months of treatment, you can get a straighter smile.

QuickSmiles Before & After Stories

To see the impressive effects of treatment at QuickSmiles, take a look through some of our Invisalign before and after stories and pictures. We’ve included a few of the most inspiring examples of how Invisalign can really make a difference in someone’s smile, appearance, and self-confidence.

Caitlin Neier

Caitlin Neier shows just how amazing the Invisalign technique is when you work with QuickSmiles. Like many people, Caitlin originally had braces as a teenager. While these braces initially worked to straighten her teeth, the results didn’t last forever.

Because Caitlin didn’t wear her retainer, her teeth shifted and became crooked again. She went online to find options and ended up discovering online clear aligners.

However, these cheap internet aligners didn’t give her the results she needed either. After a while, Caitlin found QuickSmiles. Unlike other clear aligners, QuickSmiles pairs people up one-on-one with an orthodontist and uses x-rays as well as a mixture of in-person and virtual checkups to manage the treatment.

Because QuickSmiles uses mobile office visits, they can offer a lower price than typical orthodontists. In addition, you can get the same results with fewer trips to the dentist. After trying out QuickSmiles, Caitlin quickly fell in love with the aligners.

She was excited when she saw the Invisalign before and after photos, which helped her make the decision to move forward.

Along with fewer orthodontist visits, Caitlin enjoyed getting a combination of an online experience and in-person orthodontist visits. Plus, QuickSmiles offered a free teeth whitening kit for everyone who began using aligners.

Discovering Invisalign made a complete difference in Caitlin’s life. After years of trying out cheap knock-offs in an attempt to fix her teeth, she finally found a safe, effective treatment. Now, she gets to relax and enjoy having a beautiful, straight smile.

Caitlin’s Smile Transformation

Nicolas’s Smile Transformation

Nicolas Bechtel – Celebrity Invisalign Before & After

If you want to see examples of celebrity Invisalign before and after shots, Nicolas Bechtel is a great place to start. Like most actors, Nicolas is hired based on his appearance and talent. If he doesn’t look his best all the time, he understands that he won’t land as many acting roles.

He is passionate about his work as a television actor, but he also suffered from a common teenage complaint: crooked teeth. For his line of work, having crooked teeth was something he felt would inhibit his ability to progress.

After considering different options, Nicolas and his family decided Invisalign at QuickSmiles was the right choice for their needs. While braces would mar his appearance and potentially prevent him from working, Invisalign could be used during any acting role. Plus, Nicolas was fascinated by the way the process worked.

Initially, Nicolas had x-rays and pictures taken. The images instantly showed what his teeth looked like and demonstrated his need for dental aligners. As you can see from the before and after Invisalign results, he definitely needed to get his teeth straightened.

If your teeth are only mildly crooked, you can get them straightened in just three to six months. On average, Invisalign can fix your teeth three times faster than braces. As Nicolas quickly discovered, the entire process begins with a free consultation.

During the free consultation, the orthodontist will make a custom plan based on a scan of your smile. They will also create a 3D image of what your future smile could look like. The entire consultation takes just 30 minutes.

Afterward, you can get started on your treatment plan. Once the clear aligners are made, you should wear them for at least 22 hours a day in order to get the best results. You can take them off while eating and brushing your teeth.

If you are like Nicolas, you are probably busy with work or school. To make your treatment even easier, you can simply send a picture of your smile every 10 weeks. Unless you are dealing with a special situation, you won’t have to waste time by going into the orthodontist’s office all the time.

Nicolas has already finished his treatment plan, and he is ecstatic about his results. For teenagers, a straight, beautiful smile is a great way to boost self-confidence and body image. When Nicolas saw the Invisalign before and after images, he was amazed.

Even though Nicolas got to enjoy the same results as he could get with braces, he and his parents didn’t have to spend as much on the treatment. Invisalign aligners are less expensive and faster than traditional braces. Unlike DIY programs, QuickSmiles uses x-rays to see if your teeth are in a safe position to be moved, so you can enjoy a better quality of results.

Start Smiling Today

By looking at the Invisalign before and after photos, you can clearly see what treatment at QuickSmiles is capable of. While intense crowding and moderately crooked teeth can take a little longer to fix, you can still get results much faster with Invisalign than you can with traditional braces. Plus, you can upgrade to new aligners without ever having to get brackets changed or tightened.

If you are contemplating clear aligners, you can start by checking out Invisalign before and after pics. QuickSmiles offers a free smile consultation to easily determine if this treatment is right for your needs.


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