The Most Noticeable Teen Trait: Teeth that are Straight

The teenage years are some of the most memorable years, as well as the hardest and most stress-filled, as it is a phase of journey and self-discovery. In this era of social media, self-confidence is one of the biggest struggles among our teens. Research shows that a beautiful smile can boost a teen’s confidence exponentially. After all, teeth are usually the first thing someone notices when they look at you. Feeling self-conscious about teeth can negatively impact a teen’s mental health, self-esteem and even their participation in extracurricular activities.

Most aspects of outward appearance are opinion-based. Some people prefer long hair while others choose to go short and spikey. Some say if your clothes ain't bright then they ain't right, while others say clothing that is light is a better sight. When it comes to teeth, everyone agrees that straight teeth will get you a hotter date. Not only will straight teeth boost your child’s confidence but they will impact their life in other ways as well.

1. Quality of Life
Numerous studies show that young adults reported a less satisfying life due to an unattractive smile. This is partially due to less desire for interaction, stemming from self-consciousness and embarrassment. If your crooked smile is affecting your overall quality of life, then it is worth your while to start the process of teeth straightening. A better smile might help you live up to your potential and enjoy your life more fully.

2. Employment
It sounds vain but having beautiful teeth can rank you higher on the potential hire list. Employers are often subconsciously influenced by subtle factors such as mannerisms, body language and appearance. They’ll notice your smile and choose the pretty smile over the smile that didn’t wow them. Your teeth can also affect your ability to interview well, as you’ll either be self-conscious about crooked teeth or feel brave a bold with beautiful pearly whites. If you’re struggling to land your dream job, fixing your smile might get you a bit closer.

3. Improved Dating Life
Dating is hard in general. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, and a beautiful one is sure to leave a lasting image in one’s mind. A sparkly smile might be the way to reel in some real winners. Dating is hard no matter what, but beautiful, Invisalign smiles will make it easier.

4. Better Social Life
Social interactions go right along with dating. Studies show that with a straight smile, people are more likely to be outgoing, crack jokes and reach out to new friends. People with pretty teeth tend to have a better social life.

5. Healthier Teeth
We know that a beautiful smile is mostly about appearance, but straight teeth are also healthier teeth, as they are easier to clean and less likely to get food trapped in them. Trapped food can lead to plaque, which increases the risk for cavities and gum disease. Cleaner teeth are happier teeth. Happy teeth mean fewer visits to the dentist.

6. Improved Speech
We know that buck teeth worked in Freddy Mercury’s favor, but that is not the case for most people. Gapped, protruding, or crowded teeth can affect your speaking patterns and fixing those issues can be a huge weight off your shoulders. Are your teeth affecting your ability to articulate certain words? Clear aligners are calling your name!

7. A Better Night’s Sleep
Did you know that your teeth can affect your sleep? Having crooked teeth can cause sleep issues such as sleep apnea. It can also exacerbate certain issues such as teeth grinding at night, which can wear down tooth enamel and lead to jaw pain.

Bottom Line

If you think about how much better your quality of life can be with straighter teeth, then the investment is a no-brainer. People of all walks of life prioritize orthodontic work because a beautiful smile is always in style. Give your teen the confidence boost they deserve by gifting them the perfect smile. Have you been dreaming of a smile that you’re proud of? Make the leap today and your future self will thank you. Remember, if your teeth are straight, you’ll land a hotter date.



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